"Writing: It Is My Life, My Passion."

"My Own Writing, No One Elses"

Uhh Melanie :D
"Life Can Not Be Liven Behind Bars; Break Free; Live Beyond; Wish Upon The Stars."

Things To Know:
-My Name Is Melanie.
-Born On The Day Of June 24.
-I'm Nice, A Bit Too Nice For My Taste. I'm Quiet And Very Shy As Well. Most People Interpret My Silence As Me Being Weird. I Don't Really Care.
-I Always Lend A Helping Hand To Anybody, Whether Your My Friend Or Not. Friends Tell Me That It Isnt Good At All. I'm A Huge Softie, With A Good Heart.
-I Barely Get Upset. When I Do I Dont Show, Almost As If I'm Apathetic. I Do Get Annoyed Alot, I Believe That The Society Now A Days Has A Shortage Of Respect And A Decrease In Intelligence (Not In An Offensive Manner.) Most People Now Only Care About Sex And Drugs, I Rant Abit But Only For Something I Believe In.
-Many, Many, Many People Think I'm A Strange Person. Im Original, I Don't Follow Anyone, Style Or Actions. I Believe That Everyone Should Be Unique. Everyone Is Beautiful Inside, Unless They Are The Aggressive, Want to Start Random Fights Type.
There Shouldn't Be Pointless Confrontation And Lies. Only Peace.
Countless Confrontations Are What Begin A War.
-Creativity Is Important. If You Express Yourself In Your Own Way Then To Me That Is Amazing.
-Judging People Is One Of My Biggest Pet Peeves. I Dislike It When People Cast You Out Because Of The Way You Are. People Should Be Accepting Instead Of Being Ignorant. Though I Realize No Matter What, The World Is Always Going To Be Full Of People That Are Stubborn, Hypocrital, Or Judgemental. Though They Should Get To Know Someone Before They Say Or Do Anything About Them.
-Writing Is An Absolute Passion Of Mine. I Do It When I'm Alone, Or When I'm At Home.
-I Dont Dislike Many Things But Somethings Really Push My Buttons.
-Im A Random Person, I Have A Huge Spot In My Heart For Animals. I Love Animals! I Do Not Wear Or Consume Them.
I Feel Disgusted When I See Animals Being Slaughtered For Fashion Or For Food, It's Just Heart Wrenching And Cruel.
-I Keep A Wall Up When It Comes To Trust. If I Feel That The Person Is Trusting Then I Will Confide In Them. I Don't Trust People That I Meet And Become Friends Within A Day.
But Anyone Can Trust Me, I Keep Secrets. I'm Not The Type Of Person That Will Use It Against You, That'll Be Heartless.
-My Friends Call Me The Human Advice Column, I Love To Help People With Their Problems. I've Heard That I Give Good Advice, Though I Didn't Think So.
-I Don't Drink Alcohol, Or Take Drugs, I Don't Want My Life At Risk.
-I Block Out Any Insults That I Recieve From People. I Just Don't Care, It's Their Opinion, Not Mines. I'm Myself, And I'm Not Going To Change Into Something That You Want Me To Be, No Matter Who You Are. Talk About Me, I Won't Say A Word, Start A Rumor, I'll Just Keep My Head Up High.
-Life Has It's Ups And It's Downs, One Day Will Be Great, The Other Can Go Horrible, But In Return Everything Will Teach You Lessons.
-I'm Not A Genius, But I Can Also Say That I Know Way Too Much For Me To Be Stupid.
-I'm A Peace Maker. I Always Want To Make Things Right But At The Same Time, I Don't Want To Involve Myself In A Predicament That Isn't Mine.
-I Have A Large Range Of Music That I Like, From The Beatles And Janis Joplin To Leona Lewis And Bruno Mars.
-Music Is What Makes My Life And Creativity Flow, And It Forms A Piece Of Who I Am.
-Making People Laugh Is My Greatest Asset, I Don't Like To See Anyone Depressed Or Disappointed, So I Try My Best To Make Them Smile.
-I Want To Be A Filmaker, Or A Poet When I Grow Up.
-I'm Fascinated With Plenty Of Things, One Being The Nature I'm Surrounded By.
-I Am My Own Person, And This Is My Writing, And That Ends It All. ^^