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"Writing: It Is My Life, My Passion."

"My Own Writing, No One Elses"

Nothing But A Lie
If you're reading this, then I suppose you may continue.

You made me fall for such simple deceits and facades. The emotions you projected was nothing more than a lie.

I won't blame you at avail.

I despise myself, for falling into the trap that you innovated.

Whispering sweet nothings, but that's exactly what it meant. 

Absolutely nothing.

To think that I was daydreaming of what we could have been,

I'm such a feeble fool.

To contemplate on the love and affection I felt for you, was easy.

Poisoning you with my love, well that is a different story.

That would be of an equality, to handing a child a glass vase.

Such a fragile novelty, in the clutches of one who is unappreciative.

Smashing it against the ground, glancing at the ground as it shatters.

The fragments slowly cracking as the child steps on it without a single care.

In my eyes, you were the one. But not anymore....

The rehabilitation was swift, for now I have not a single ounce of passion towards you.

Hell, I've figured that karma knows it's way around.

Toying with emotions, will lead you nowhere in this apathetic world.

So be it... But,

You are exactly like what you had expressed your emotions


I was going to start an online web show on youtube, and make videos, but sadly I don't know how to start it!
Luckily for me, I have a pretty good idea about how to start it.

Lately, my week has been so-so. Fcat testing is really irratating. Not only that but I hate the work that comes after all that testing! It's like the teachers decided to come up with evil schemes to makes us stress even more!
I, for one, can never concentrate on the work. I always become distracted with my surroundings, plus half of the times I am sleepy. There's no way for me to pay attention in class, when my droopy eyelids are constantly having a battle with my brain. It's like "Bitch stay up! I say so, so do it!" yet that only makes you sleepier, at least that what happenes to me. Even worse back then I used to have teachers that remind me of certain cartoon characters which in my brain, does not allow their lectures to come through. But no matter what I learn how to do everything that tought. Though most teachers claim that I may be stupid, I am not. Simply I am just lazy. Come on, what teenagers aren't? Yet most adults now a days have a nasty habit of doing that, it really bothers me. Especially how they claim that berating us will improve our skills and will gurantee our sucess! What a load of crap, seriously?! Screaming at a kid will only make them cry and stress them out to do better. But what good is a intelligent child, if he is not content with what he has learned?! I believe that you should let kids learn at the rate that they can do best. Though going too easy on them never works either. They may take their newly granted freedom into taking complete advantage of their parents. I don't really care about the other students around me, unless they drop out... If you do drop out, why drop out when you only have one year of school left?! Eh, whatever, hopefully that didn't make me sound like a total hypocrite but I thought it was something I should ask, since I don't understand why!

Damn it....
Why do I forget to save?!!!
I hate how sometimes Im playing a game, I somehow forget to save.
Well relaxing, I was playing Kingdom Hearts while nawing on some sugar cookies.
I got to Wonderland and I scattered around for the evidence to prove Alice's innocence.
I ran into the Lotus Forrest and found all the clues.
And then........ the power goes out!
I did not save at all!
So that means that I had to restart the game from the very beginning!
Whatevere, guess I'm off to play again.

School :P

Ahhhhhhh Honey is the cutest thing ever!!!!

So recently I haven't been on here. School work has been stressing me out like crazy! Sometimes I think of school as a priority, since there's nothing else to do.. Usually I belive that school is a corrupt idea put out by the government, like teachers often tell us that we will use the lessons we learn in real life, but what if what we desire to become involves no Math? No Chemistry? Or no History? Like Becoming a dancer or a hairstylist, But if school is necessary then it's something that eventually everyone has to go through....unless you want to drop out. But that is pretty useless, seriously, you already started it might as well end it. School has it's ups and it's downs but the only thing you should care of is your goal in life and getting through school.

School is a drag, at least for me. It's one of the most boring events in my daily routine. After school, going home and relaxing...Ahhhh that makes my day complete.

Things that make my life complete:
-Star Wars (Clone Wars or Episodes 1-6)
-Ice Cream (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough)
-My IPod (The Beatles or Led Zeppelin)
-Writting (Poems or finishing a story)
-Hetalia (Only for the purpose that it is hilarious!)

-Hetalia, no doubt about it, is the fuuniest manga/anime ever!! Besides Ouran High School Host Club, since that one is pretty funny as well.

Writer's Block: Do you want to know a secret?
Which song by The Beatles is your favorite, and why?

My favorite Beatles song woud probably happen to be "Please Mister Postman". The song is extremely catchy, after hearing it one time, it just makes you want to sing along the next time. The rythym and the harmony is just one of those types of melodies that will get stuck in your head.

The Fear (Lyrics)

Tonight's the night, stand up high.
Upon the threshold, we arrive.
Our fight tonight, will be our last.
But for you my love, I'd die.

The empty street; barren with silence
No sounds, and no people
The screams of the battle, echo through the night.
It waits for them; And now it waits for us
How terrifying this fear is,
Not much more I think I can handle

It strikes us face to face, with all of it's strength
It stares me in the eyes, oh how it's satisfied
Works around your head, to puzzle your mind
Oh how to escape this beast before it comes
I must struggle to overcome, this fear.

It's a ravage beast, coming toward us, it's absolute desire
But we stand together, no space between us
You turn, it laughs and howls, almost like an arising fire.
What is going on? How can this be?
My love, the only one, has betrayed me
The sound of this night, are the sounds of a nightmare never heard.

Why? On why did I not see this coming?
I gave you my trust, as I thought you gave me yours.
But you betrayed me, worse than ever before.
There's no other choice.......
This is my final shot, your both going down...
Goodbye my love, as for I have ended this fight
This is the final fight.....My only fear has come true.......

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Past Life;;

Past year accomplishments:

Okay, this year was eh pretty bland but with fun spots every once and a while. It was packed with unecessary drama, gaming, and catching up with my passions. This year went out with a bang and will be missed, but the new year comes in with a fresh start for a new life.

This was my gaming year, all consoles, no barriers. For some reason, I played passed games again (only to refresh my memory of plots and controls) old games, and new games.
One of the best games that I played this year would be Fallout 3. The concept of leaving your homefront to search deep in the wasteland, while countering many critters and criminal outlaws, for your father. He ran off, due to the project he was building called the "Purifier" was discovered and the local security in Vault 101 tried to capture him but he escaped. Throughout the came you go through challanges to search for him, while the game has numerous surprises and twists, the ending is not one to be easily forgotten.
Another game that I absolutely adored is Bayonetta. While Bayonetta does not remember a thing about her past, she recieves flashbacks of it. She runs into a little girl who gives her more to fight for (No, she does not fight the little girl! Her original plan was to recieve a stone, but when she meets the litle girl, Cereza, she runs into more than she hoped for.) But hey, who doesn't love a woman in a body suit made of hair?!! The game is just pure insanity, it is worth buying. Other games I've played are Devil May Cry 4, Lego Batman, The Beatles Rockband, Super Mario 64 DS, Tetris (Yes, the one for the original Playstation one), Resident Evil 0-5, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles And Darkside Chronicles, Bullet Witch, And  Tekken 6.

Music wise: Now this was the year where I got into many different bands or artists. This year was the year where I got back into deathcore, as well as softer music. The one artist who took my breath away by his talent was Bruno Mars. In my opinion, his voice and talent is truly amazing. With catchy melodius tunes like "Just The Way You Are" and "Grenade" it's difficult not to fall for the trance that is released from his music. Other bands I have gotten into are The Black Dahlia Murder, Here Comes The Kraken, Knights Of The Abyss, Whitechapel, The Word Alive and many more.

Life wise: I dealt with alot, stuff that sometimes I wish would've never happened. With countless fights and confrontations, I regret any of this happening. It all starts with one person saying one thing and it escalading into something even worse. Somehow I speak the truth and yet I get sucked into a world of lies and war. Which none even done by me, but I don't need to prove myself to anyone. You don't believe a thing I say then that is fine, there is nothing I can do about it. This year I just got to learn how to push away problems and live my life with no regrets. It's what I plan on doing for the rest of my life. Usually I'm too sensitive and take things a little too seriously. So far my progress in changing is going pretty far, I've now tought myself to be more care free but alert of what I say or do now.
Anyways this new year is going to be interesting but it'll become far more than great with each step I take.
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Writer's Block: Auld Lang Syne
What are your New Year's resolutions? Do you think you'll stick to any of them? If so, for how long?

My New Year's resolution is to write and game more! I'm hoping to stick with this routine for awhile,and I'm planning on sticking to it.  I'm also planning on not letting little things get to me, to just live and let go :D

Writer's Block: Best movie of the year
What is the best movie of 2010?

No doubt about it, the best film of 2010 is Inception. I think movies that usually have suspense and action are cool but this movie to me was amazing. The concept of going into dreams and the different levels of dreams is just unique and very well thought out.

The New Year!

Ahhh New Years!!!!!!!!
Exciting times for everyone and anyone.
To have the rush of a new year beginning, is just unexplainable. Everyone probably wishes that a new year means a new life. That's what Im hoping for me. This isn't for pity or for sympathy. I've just f***ed up way too many times. Sometimes it's from doing the wrong things or just exploding. Usually I don't think before I do stuff. I get caught up in my situations to even think. But I've learned from all my mistakes, and I've gone through too much too keep doing it all, but hey Im only human.

None of that matters now, I am changing. Though it's a slow process I am making progress. For the last time, to everybody that still doesn't believe it.....I don't talk crap about anyone, nor am I an instigater. I've got better things to dowith my life, and if I wanted to talk I'd tell you face to face. I wouldn't stall about it, I'd just tell you straight up, no matter how harsh it is. I've learned that from the past say one thing, it will escalade into something completely different.

Almost like one minute it's a small snowball that you are dodging, next thing you know it turn into a frightning avalanche that has you cornered and is slowly reaching it's way to grasp away your survival.

Whatever, come with me with any of this, I'll just do what I do best and stay quiet or switch the subject.
Hahaha, my only issue is that I'm too blunt for my persona. Being blunt is good, but sometimes I'm too harsh with it. Also my sarcasm, ah I hope that some people will learn my third language (yes third, spanish is my second ^^) and won't take anything too seriously.

I'm wishing for this new year to be drama-free. Seriously I'm sick of it, I've learned that if you hear something let it go in one ear and out the other. That's my tactic, for now at least. Until I find a super penguin that can zap me with a laser beam that can give me super powers! Then I can fly away and then save all innocent people from criminals!!!

Peace, and Happy New Year!!! :D

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